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Feels Like Water (Original Mix Feels Like Water (Original Mix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

boots and cats boots and cats boots and cats boots and cats boots and cats boots and cats boots and cats boots and cats

I like it.

Sequenced responds:


TMFO3 -7: Wake up honey. TMFO3 -7: Wake up honey.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like the dynamics in this song. The piano sounds great and I like that you use some synthes to support it. Only complaint I have is maybe checking the panning on the bass guitar. I would keep it mono and centered or at least closer to the center then it is now. You also get a little distortion with the kick. The musical idea is great though. Really really like the piano.


Calamaistr responds:

I putted the bass guitar slightly to the left so it would make synergy with the blunted jazz guitar that plays on the right, so the track feels fuller.

Also the distortion you speak of is an intentional very low pitched scraping hit to force the piece to be darker, especially considering the buildup toward the all out horn repetition of the main melody.

I wanted there to be a feeling of it being unbearable, the goodbye' this track represents.


thanks for your review.

Coffee with Jean Coffee with Jean

Rated 5 / 5 stars

<3 James

You &amp;amp; I (Pulstate Remix) You & I (Pulstate Remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome dude! It's been a loooong time since I've heard some tunes from you and this one is fantastic! We should catch up sometime!

Keep it up man, hope to hear more soon.

Game Over(R) - Mr. KaOs Game Over(R) - Mr. KaOs

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The mix sounds like it could be good without all the compression on the master track. When some instruments come in there's alot of limiting going on keeping the track from clipping. Nothing distorted but some of the quality was lost.

Try some sidechaining on the bass, it'll help the kick fight through the mix and add some dynamic variation.

Sounds like you sampled skrillex a little. Sweet XD

Try turning things down then use compression and limiting to bring them back up on the master bus. This way you can still get some nice compression but keep the quality of your track. My rule of thumb when trying to have a loud instrument in the track without the master clipping is to turn everything else down and compressing it right.

Takes some time but your heading in the right direction.

SteveKaOs responds:

I agree. I didn't do any extra fine tuning to the mastering of this so some things are a little crunchy. I just finished the mastering now and I'll have it uploaded. Yeah I added the skrillex thing at the end there cuz I love the effect of it. It's all just playing around man, I really liked your track so I wanted to go and make a house version of it to see what it sounded like. The critiquing always gets me serious into it though so I had to finish the mastering haha. Check around again man, you might like the mastered version better.

[Fiji] Buzzsaw - instrmntl mix [Fiji] Buzzsaw - instrmntl mix

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Through monitors

I don't have a sub but that shouldn't be a problem on monitors.

I'll start of with your kick, click click click click. That's what I hear, it has no bass to it :(. Sounds like you have a sub bass in there. The notes are too low for you to honestly hear but I'm sure you could feel it on speakers with a sub.

To go back to the kick though, the kick in electro is the first and fore most important instrument of the whole track. If it's not pumping, powerful, and killing the crowd your bass isn't going to hit as hard.

Check out the track Lick The Rainbow by Mord Fustang. That kick hits hard and fits just right with bass.

Other then this your track has a good vibe, just needs a better kick and possibly a snare to compliment.

MrFijiWiji responds:

on my headphones, it sounds fine. actually sounds pretty big. but i actually respect your opinion, you are one of the more legit producers on the site. im not going to necessarily gonna entirely disagree with this one. I really do need some monitors, but im too young to work :(... thatll change in a few months. so i expect to get some actually quality monitors by spring. but right now im stuck here with my seinheisser headphones. but also, im using two different kicks in this song. the one in the breakdown, i made sure, is far more less prominent. I didnt want to take away from the surrealism and ambiance i was going for on my breakdown. but in the bridge, intro, and drop i use a far heavier kick whiich from my limited equipments perceptions is quite bassy. thank you for the review. u sir are an awesome producer! u get a plus from me!

SR - Otamatone (Sine Remix) SR - Otamatone (Sine Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wasn't expecting to get an ambient song, and one so soon. Love the guitar when it hits. Adds an awesome power to it.

Thank you for the remix :DD

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SineRider responds:

thanks man. I had a lot of fun remixing this. I've never heard of a otamatone, but checked it out after I heard your tune. that thing is... interesting XD

xKore - Beast Mode xKore - Beast Mode

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Man you make me want to make Dumbstep, cause it is sooo good.

xKore responds:

just listened to your tune on YT, keep up the good stuff, man.

TranceCrafter - Break Free TranceCrafter - Break Free

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You have no low end

First off, sweet builds.

As for the rest of the song, well.. the arrangement is fine but the mix is less then desirable. The kick has no low end and the rest of the song seemingly has very little. Sure we can hear your kick, it has nice punch but the overall boom is not there. If you can't feel the kick then whats the point of being able to hear it.

The mix is just as important as the arrangement of the song. The whole thing seems like it has a filter on the master bus. Your Saw synth that is partially filtered sounds dirty because of reverb. Thankfully you didn't over use reverb on your drums.

So maybe to solve some of your low end problems do some layering with a sub bass and a sub kick. The low end is a tricky thing but if you get it even remotely close to sounding decent you'll have a whole new song with more power.

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Missing You - F-777 Missing You - F-777

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Someones been listening to my music?

Similar synthes and instruments to what I would use >.>. Props for a different style of synthes (amazed to find no pan flute).

As far as the song goes I would keep the sawtoothed synthe filtered more often then not. That style of synth never really has much power when the low pass is off. I suppose it works for this song but I do suggest adding a separate synth for the bass line.

Your kick is weird and I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It almost seems distant rather then controlling the mix. It also sounds stereo and not so much mono. I prefer my kicks to sit in the middle of the mix and fairly mono.

The break literally felt like a break. Nothing new happened and we were just taking a break from the song so we could transition into a slightly different bass but still the same synthes. 4 minutes in you start to add new things, not sure why but you decide to end it.

I could go on but, not much to talk about that would really change the song. I could comment on the lack of variety in your cymbols having a constant offbeat hihat does get old but it suits the song.


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