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2009-03-09 19:25:34 by Mrmilkcarton

Is swine flu such a big joke?

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I need a break

2009-02-25 00:06:32 by Mrmilkcarton

Just need a break. :-/

A List for the rising Trance/Electronic Producer

2009-01-28 20:49:43 by Mrmilkcarton

Over the past few months I've been stocking up on links and helpful information for the EDM genres. Here is a list to help you find your way in the confusing world of labels, contracts, VSTi, tutorials, work flow, etc.

Many people think the world of labels and selling tracks is one of those things where you'll be famous and make a ton of money. Lets be serious though Trance isn't popular everywhere and you can't support a life style of producing without introducing yourself into the world of live shows and DJing. Hell anyone can sell a track on iTunes now and even some of us on the audio forum are doing it now as I type this.

Before you going submitting demos to popular labels like Ajunabeat or Black hole records make sure you understand what the label will ask and give you.
If anything try to never loose your rights to a song.

So here you go a complete guide on understanding and working with labels. (Provided by forums)

So now you're ready to submit a demo. (Provided by forums)

So where do you submit these demos? Usually a label will have a nice drop box for you somewhere on their website. You can usually find it named as Demo submission. Please people though don't submit to labels unless you are sure that your final product is the best it can be. Just because someone on newgrounds thinks it's amazing doesn't mean a label does.

Here is a list of labels that accept demo submissions. (Once again

So maybe you're not just looking to submit a track right now. Could be that you are new to the whole trance seen. Try to remember legal is always better, I know we've all had are fair share of pirated software and music and I've made a recent habit to stop and make sure I own everything I use to produce. If you own and payed for you're tools the benefits are usually better, law suits won't happen, and the money you spent goes into making that product better or supporting that artist you like so much you decided to steal their music from.

Before you can start producing tracks you need to under stand a DAW (Digital audio work station) your choice is up to of which you want and how much you want to spend.

Commonly looked over is a huge help section on where to start in the audio forums at the top of the page.

Many professional artists in the trance scene have websites with great information on them. You'd be suprised to know that they use the same tools as everyone else. The only thing that makes them different from you or I is the understanding of the tools. Lets me be frank, if you do not understand something then you will not and most likely be able to produce something completely original with it. Which is why we have presets for those of us who understand the basics but just can't make those amazing sounds we always hear playing in our favorite tunes.

I'm not saying I justify the use of presets but labels do not care if you use them or not. Of course if you use original sounds your style and you as an artist are looked upon better along as having a better chance at label interest. Blatant use of presets and common samples will probably lower your chances at a label.

So like I said earlier many professional artists have websites. Here is a few I found that have great tutorials and information on equipment.

While this is not a artists website it is roamed by producers from all around. "How do I produce Section" the stickies on that section of the forum are great to read.

Even if you aren't an ableton live user this artist's website is amazingly helpful and I've learned a ton from it myself. Go to the Community tab to check out his tutorials which he updates from time to time. (You can find him on the forums and is very helpful)

If you have heard the song Adam Szabo - Altra then you'll be glad to know that the tools he uses are common to most of the users on NG.

You can check out the VSTI he uses and a few tutorials on his site at -

Everyone hates Kick Drums, they are just a huge pain in the ass when it comes to getting them right. You can make or break a track with a kick drum so here's a few tips to make them better.
"The perfect kick drum"

Another great website that has a ton of links called -
The Master List ( - sent to me by Michhimself

So I buttered up and sugar coated the idea of making trance. Now let me vent a little bit on being egotistical about your music. Newgrounds IS NOT and I mean IS NOT even considered or known by popular record labels. I have never heard of anyone getting a PM from a label on newgrounds and doubt I will. That being said making top 5 does not mean you are label quality. the Audio portal was made for Flash artists to have nice music to go with their animations and games. Lately it's become something of it's own and a great place for beginners to find their style and niche in the music world.

Youtube as you might know has millions of videos with just songs and a dumb picture behind it. I listen to alot of music and preview songs before I buy them (yes newgrounds I buy my music). Posting your songs on youtube isn't a bad idea, I've heard quite a few stories of people being approached with offers to do music for multiple things. A guy even was asked to do music for a small basket balls team. Don't get me wrong though as great as it is songs will be passed by and the chances are low that you will get interest if anything from youtube.

Having a myspace is always good and any producer looking to move up in the world will probably have one along with a personal website. Myspace gets millions of hits a day and makes thousands of dollars off add revenue. This being said they give great options for producers and bands to advertise themselves and get some notice. I'm not sure how it works but youtube also has something like that where you can try and get more hits on your page. I have no idea if it works but it is always worth trying.

Just remember the more places you are the better. Become a member of communities and forums and help because who knows maybe one day you will be seen.

On a side note maybe you are just feeling down and having no luck. You might start thinking maybe music isn't for me? Sometimes that statement is true but if you are anything like me no matter how hard you try you keep coming back to it.

A simple way to tell if something is for you or not is just to take a break from it be it a month week or a day. If you keep coming back because you enjoy it then you should stick with it. I did this with art and I found it just wasn't for me and have had no urge to go back to it. Though it can still be a good hobby don't forget about it completely.

Anyways that's really all I have to say for now. Feel free to link this to anyone who is trying to move up or start producing.

- If you have anything to add or any questions feel free to ask.

- I may have forgotten something so go ahead and make suggestions on things I should add.

- Correct me on anything if you feel I'm wrong.

Best of luck producing.

So you've probably noticed

2009-01-14 20:14:23 by Mrmilkcarton

I've been writing really short classical songs lately. I've been in a weird mood and have felt the urge to make a story through classical songs. Most of the songs will be around a minute to three minutes long depending on what I'm conveying. The styles will range along with the genre.
The story so far -

1. Introduction 1:32
2. Preface 1:09
3. A Hero's Burden 1:34
4. Execution 2:53

Dear readers

2009-01-01 18:29:23 by Mrmilkcarton

Thanks for taking the time to read this short little news update. Logic Pro 8 arrived in the mail yesterday and took me about 5 hours to install. When I tried out Reason it was a ton easier to understand. Now I'm looking at Logic and I'm lost. So here's a little warning on updates. It may take me a week or a month to even understand this program. When I do figure it out I'll still be extremely slow at using it so I won't be putting out too many songs from now until then.

I'll try to keep my page updated with my progress that I have made. Hopefully this buy was worth it (I'm pretty sure it was) and I can make songs with more ease.

Time to tame the beast.

Edit* Jan 2nd
So I owe a ton to he was nice enough to endure my questions. I spent hours yesterday looking at videos and the interface. Well I lied about the updates I've gotten a grasp of the basics so far and will probably submit a song in a bit.

There is still alot I need to learn on the mixing process. Hopefully each song I make will get more complex and better each time.

The synthes are even more confusing then I had thought sooooo it's going to be a while for me to get a hang of them and make some less cheesy sounding ones.

Time to do something

2008-12-29 02:22:13 by Mrmilkcarton

Well I'm sorry to everyone who loves FL studios but I'm going to be moving on to a new sequencer with better technology. I've been searching around looking at whats best for me and what the program has to offer. I tried Reason and it was really fun but really I feel too limited by what it has to offer. I love its Compressors and reverb but what can I say the price they are asking for me to use only a few Synthes when I can have an open DAW that will allow me to use any synthe I want.

So right now I'm looking at Logic Pro 8, Sonar 8, and ableton live 7all of which are in my general price range of 500 dollars. I'm gonna rule out Sonar right now because my new platform of choice is a Mac (sorry windows fans). So right now I know a good amount about logic but ableton is still in the dark. By tomorrow I'll probably have a choice and a new program on its way.

Just because I'm moving to a new sequencer doesn't mean I'll forget all about FL so if you have any questions I can probably answer. My main reason for moving on is the amount of money I would have to put into VST programs from 3rd party companies to get my synthes to sound better. One thing I did notice with Reason was my songs were much wider and the treble was always filled. In FL I have always struggled and I suppose some of it was my mixing and choice of synthes but technology can also make things a ton easier.

Hopefully I'll beable to move up in the world which is bad news for you guys. Lately I've been kind of left in the dark on newgrounds which is fine by me. I like haveing only 2 or 0 reviews on my songs. Though I would love to make some money. You honestly don't have to worry much though I'm hard on myself and it will be a while before I think I've made anything of professional quality. By the time summer comes around I hope though to beable to produce music that I feel is of the right quality.


A video for you!

2008-12-15 01:58:21 by Mrmilkcarton

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Just for you!

Burnt toast is terrible its like waking up to a bitch slap in the face. Burnt toast and cereal makes my day like burnt toast.

Whats more fun then nailing 10 burnt toasts to 10 trees?

Nailing 1 burnt toast to 10 trees.

How do you paint a barn burnt toast color?

Depends on how hard you throw the burnt toast.

Anyways what I felt like asking with this post was if anyone knew of any other sites to post music. Trance sites (or sites of the electronic genre) work but also general sites like newgrounds work too. I know people are always trying to find new places to go but I'm just looking to spread my name and work. Hoping that someday I'll be able to make some money from my music.

Leave a message at the sound of the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzwooooop.



2008-12-01 02:05:30 by Mrmilkcarton

Well I originally intended for something to go here but really I have nothing to write about.

A Dream is Just a Dream....

2008-11-10 18:52:18 by Mrmilkcarton

Until it becomes a nightmare.