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Logic Pro Tuts n' Stuff

2009-08-25 15:47:46 by Mrmilkcarton

I bought a screen recording program and I decided to use it. So far I only have 2 Logic videos but, I'll make more if I get moar subscribers.

Logic ES2 Super Saw Tutorial

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One Last Chance (demo) A look at it so far.

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Feel free to request a video.

News N' Stuff

2009-08-11 15:11:51 by Mrmilkcarton

It's been a while since I've done a "update" on everything. Taking the suggestions left on my last post I figured might as well.

To start things off I've recently gotten a newer sample library of classical sounds (hurray for me). I've started on multiple projects, some of which can't/won't be posted. What I can say is I'm extremely happy with them :D

I've pretty much set myself into a classical mode right now. The reason being, school... Music School. I need to perfect my samples, EQ, Mixing, etc to have on hand when auditioning for Berklee since every little bit will help. I don't think many people know but I get some bad stage fright when it comes to auditions and live performance. I can only hope I can overcome this during the audition and secure myself a spot in this school.

I was recently visited by a college professor from there and he now works in the LA portion of the school. He came to my house and told me what makes this school so good. I was sure this school looked great but, he just set me over and made me decide to work harder. I feel I have a small advantage coming into the audition with skills in Logic, Reason, FL, Sonar (Some). I'm already composing music and I know where my focus and calling is.

The audition hopefully will take place in October if I do the early audition program. I'll try and make a post after I have gone.

Current Projects - (I'll go by genre)
Trance - 0 Projects. I may pick up an old one but as of now I currently have nothing in the works.

DnB - 1 Project. There is a song that I'm working on when I get frustrated with the classical music. I don't know if or when I'll finish it but, it'll be a DnB song not a breaktrance etc song.

Classical 2 - 3 projects. As soon as I got my new library I started on a project I had been planning for a while. As of now I'm not really going to talk about it, it's something that needs to be viewed instead of heard. A few of you probably know I am doing some soundtracks for a game. I can't exactly talk about it but, so far everything is going in a good direction. The 3rd maybe project is a style I've been wanting to do for a while but never put time into it.

Indie/Rock - 0 Projects. I need to find time and songs to practice the guitar. As of now I've had no fluke ideas for a song like before.


On another note I've been building up a Sylenth1 preset library. At some point or another I was thinking of making a full blown set of 128 or so and selling them. I can't say that this will happen though.

If I ever get enough money (I'm not too far) I would like to pick up a Mac screen recorder. It costs about $100 dollars and I've got some money on a paypal just not enough. I don't know if I want to upgrade to Logic 9 yet (the guitar rigs look awesome) I just can't seem to decide. Either way if I get the screen recorder I would plan to make youtube videos and how to stuff.

My website accounts - on (If people subscribe I'll be more likely to put videos on it)

Music N' Stuff that keeps me inspired -

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2009-08-09 02:33:53 by Mrmilkcarton

Should I put here?

Need Custom Audio?

2009-07-06 02:08:26 by Mrmilkcarton

Hello everyone,

It's summer and I have a decent amount of free time. I'm offering my skills to you, the flash author to help finish up your next cinematic feature and or sweet game. All I ask for in return is some revenue from the ads because I'm a starving artist and need to make some money too.

Why should you chose me? I'll try and let my music speak for itself but I'll give some you background information. I've been known to experiment and try things outside of the norm. Yes I make cheesy trance songs from time to time but that's just something I like to do. If you need a specific genre/sound send me a sample and I can usually replicate it. I took second place in a sponsored audio contest by Newgrounds (MAC) for madness day.

My current Setup:
Macbook Pro
DAW: Logic Pro 8 and FL Studios
Midi keyboard: M-Audio Key-station pro 88
PM me if you have any other questions.

The Music (Skip to bottom for further information on contacting me)
Redemption -
This song is a perfect example of the cinematic background I can give you. High tension to a slowed down choir to give that perfect "lets take a breather" moment before going back to the action. I tend to write author comments to have reviewers tell me what they hear in a song. I get alot of nice stories with this song.

I Can Fly -
Switching pace to a DnBish song this one was used in the popular flash game Penguinz. I'd give this a more videogameish style sound.

A Hero's Burden -
This one takes ambient sounds like the highway and fuses them together with electronic and orchestral elements. I've always wanted to tell a story but I'm terrible at drawing and writing. This song is one way that the dream can come alive.

Adagio for a Dream -
An emotional orchestral piece, it is what it is.

Sytrus -
This was actually a bet to see if I could make a song using just the Sytrus VSTI. I find the song annoying in it's popularity but it catered to the listeners of Newgrounds. Just an example of another genre.

If you would like to view the rest of my audio click here.

As I stated before if you would like to use a song of mine or if you want me to make music for your flash I require some revenue share (not asking for much).
If you want me to make music for your flash
I have to set a standard (sorry) I don't want to make music for something that is a complete waste of time. When PMing me please provide me with some insight on what it is you want and why I should do it. If you have notable submissions please make me aware of that.
If you do not have any notable submissions
Send me a PM with the concept, what you want, and a working flash file of what you have so far. I realize you may have skill but I need proof of it. I will let you know if I'm interested.

PM me if you would like music for your flash.

If you want to make my easier send your PM in this format.

Flash genre: Game, Movie, etc.
Past submissions
The concept
Genre of Music you are looking for
Examples of similar style Music. This isn't required but makes my life easier telling you if I can do it or not.
Anything else.

Thanks for considering.

We all want

2009-07-03 00:40:47 by Mrmilkcarton

But few of us can follow through.


2009-06-26 15:00:20 by Mrmilkcarton

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2009-06-14 02:01:24 by Mrmilkcarton


Go check it out new classical song I've uploaded for your listening pleasure.


I want

2009-05-21 19:33:43 by Mrmilkcarton

To change the world.

Says the little man from the slums.

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Is it better?

2009-05-17 17:13:04 by Mrmilkcarton

To be left in the past or known for the present?

Power of 3 Audio

2009-05-14 22:56:55 by Mrmilkcarton