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The Words EP!

2012-12-31 15:46:20 by Mrmilkcarton

Hey everyone!

Some of my best stuff to date has been released on beatport! Have a listen and if you feel like purchasing my EP Words I would be very thankful! Remember that sharing is caring! (Unless it has to do with STDs or disease :( )

Click here to purchase!

Hey everyone!

Another free EP but this time the project files for my Logic Express 9 program are included!

Click here to download/stream the album!

Like my page to download the Logic Express 9 projects!

Thanks for your continued support!

Free EP you say? With project files included! YESIR!

Check out my very first EP on bandcamp or iTunes and pay what you want! That includes nothing! Simply sharing the links/music is payment enough. quirrel l-ep/id537574944

Thanks for your support!

Check out my EP!  It's freeeeeee!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while but I still troll NG listening to tunes and watching movies. I finally have something worthy of making a news post about! My first official remix as the artist Mrmilkcarton has been released on Beatport today!

Buy it here

Or listen to a better preview on soundcloud! -has-come

Also logo lol

It's friday and my first remix is out for sale!

Check out my new original Suit Yourself and the Nicky C remix on Beatport here!

Longer preview here!

Soundcloud: (I post previews of upcoming songs on there)

Help make this a great release and support it by sharing it with your friends and possibly buying it! Sharing it with your friends is more important though :D


I'm sure

2011-08-12 18:39:46 by Mrmilkcarton

That no one really cares but if you want to find me on other websites here is a list of them. Some of which I am more likely to reply on.

Soundcloud: (I post previews of upcoming songs on there)

If you are wondering why I am not posting as much music, don't worry I haven't stopped. Opportunities have been given to me and I'm trying to see what will happen with them. I also am trying to create opportunities by spreading my music out as much as possible while still having a chance to be picked up by a decent label.

So don't worry newgrounds, more free music will become available in due time. Just let me get settled down.

Out now on Beatport!

2011-04-27 13:43:14 by Mrmilkcarton

My new remix for E-spectro & Trox is out now on beatport check out the link below to have a preview and if you are feeling kind enough buying it :D

E-spectro & Trox - You Call it Magic (Nick Tomassetti Remix)


It's Friday for Charlie Sheen

2011-03-20 13:12:10 by Mrmilkcarton

Bi Winning.... DUH!

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Thanks everyone :)

2011-03-07 19:35:22 by Mrmilkcarton

I won the contest! Thanks to everyone's help.

The song will be released on April 5th. I'll be sure to update my page with more info when it is out.

I need YOUR help!

2011-02-15 16:18:46 by Mrmilkcarton

Hey everyone I need your help. I recently became a finalist in a remix competition on Soundcloud and I need your vote! All you have to do is go to Soundcloud (linked below) login or register an account and favorite and or comment on my track. The more comments and favorites I have the better chance I have of winning.

E-spectro & Trox - You Call It Magic (Nick Tomassetti Remix)

Thank you for any help!